No Cure with Rich Tu

Bakline fans, meet Rich Tu. Rich Tu meets Bakline. One of our latest tees (and favorites) is a collaboration with New York designer and illustrator Rich Tu. No Cure For Rugby has been on our minds for a while, and it … Continue reading →

Go America!

Go England! Oh wait, America… is that you?

Love and hate, Rest in Peace

It wasn’t long ago that fashion enthusiasts and rugby enthusiasts collided over a brand Ralph Lauren tried to capitalize on. Did it falter because a US Judge rejected Ralph Lauren’s trademark attempts on “Rugby” or did it falter for another … Continue reading →

By Rob on 2014-03-02

Winter never seems to want to let go of us here in the northern hemisphere. But there’s Super Rugby on satellite, Six Nations and pre-season for the rest of us. Time to trek through cold wind and hard ground to your … Continue reading →

New Hoodies dropping for Polar Vortex

New hoodies in time for the next round of the polar vortex! Stay tuned.

Beckham. He’s OK with us.

For Mud, Blood and Tears

It’s summer sevens time and that means extra sweat. It’s also rugby season so mud, blood and cool beers is a given. We’ve carefully designed a Bakline bandana to help you with all the above. Anchored by our four virtues … Continue reading →

Music to our eyes!

Legends! to the left: Artimus Pyle -Drummer for (Lynyrd Skynyrd) to the right: Vini Lopez -Drummer for Bruce Springsteen’s (E Street Band) in the middle: T.O.N.E-z-Lyrical Master ”one day I’ll be a legend” Boom!!!

Rugby Costumes!

Rugby is a game chock-full of traditions! We started highlighting some of them in our previous post, i.e. handshakes, songs, bus trips, etc. One of our favorite, fashionable traditions is the creative use of costume for rugby fans! Here are … Continue reading →

2013 Look Book comes to life!

We’re proud to release our new collection of tees and accessories for 2013. As we look back on 2012, our new collection of gear comes courtesy of feedback from our fans, rugby players and overseas support that continues to encourage … Continue reading →

Bakline Mercenaries to debut at NY Sevens

Rugby can be an unforgiving sport in this country. We have a changing of the guard. Old traditions and perceptions of the game along with it’s aging player base is slowly eroding on the sides as a new breed of … Continue reading →

Perversion by Logo: Cost of the Soul?

Last year we wrote on the “NASCARization” of the rugby jersey. How in increasing tough economic times for sports franchises, team executives sold more jersey space to the next highest bidder. But at what cost does this come to? A … Continue reading →