Perversion by Logo: Cost of the Soul?

Last year we wrote on the “NASCARization” of the rugby jersey. How in increasing tough economic times for sports franchises, team executives sold more jersey space to the next highest bidder. But at what cost does this come to? A sporting team is often defined by it’s geographic location or simply by an icon (mascot). Historical names and partnerships often forge the identity of the sporting brand, supported by a team logo, colors and motto. These elements are what a fan relates to on top of being born, bred or educated by in influence. But once again, what cost does it have when a team’s identity is scarred with multiple brands? Whose logo is bigger, whose company motto matches that of the team’s spirit?

The answer is never really clear. Just recently, one the most successful teams in the world announced an additional funding source (AIG) and resulted in a weak logo thrown onto a mythical jersey. Suddenly you’re not reading All Blacks. You’re seeing the AIG. In Europe, it’s a big deal.

What’s the cost of an All Blacks soul?

Here on American soil, many professional teams pass up on whoring out their uniforms due to the revenue sharing through sponsorships, ticket sales and partnerships. Until now, perhaps there is a chance that might change? Read this.

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