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Bakline Coaching grew out of a passion for learning the science of the sport and how it could be applied in practice. Our approach has been shaped by years of reading the science, deconstructing training plans, studying what worked (and what didn’t), and applying our own experience both as runners and coaches.

We don’t follow a particular ‘brand’ of coaching philosophy, or rely on rules of thumb when developing a training plan. Our methods are rooted in proven science, and each training plan is thoughtfully crafted for each athlete we work with. We believe that for those who want to go beyond basic fitness and work towards their highest potential, training must be individualized. We want to help our athletes hit their immediate goals, but our focus is always on long-term athlete development.


Our training plans are uniquely built for each athlete and the demands of their goal race. We work with athletes one-on-one to understand their training history, current and long-term goals, as well as their challenges. We understand that breakthroughs are the result of more than just workouts; they come from addressing the unique issues that limit performances–from dialing in race nutrition to calming pre-race nerves. Most importantly, we want to ensure our runners approach every workout and starting line feeling prepared and unconditionally supported.


Coaching is a partnership that requires trust and honest communication. For an individualized plan to work, it takes equal engagement and feedback on the part of the coach and athlete. Our coaching style works best for those athletes who are committed to understanding and participating in their long-term athletic development. 

Workouts are communicated with specific paces as well as notes on execution, purpose, and anything else we might be focusing on. We meet with athletes every three weeks to discuss progress and talk through the upcoming training block in detail. We review workouts daily and check in with feedback, and we are always available by text or phone if an immediate question or issue comes up.


We coach runners with a range of abilities, paces, and goals, but all of our athletes share a commitment to improvement and growth. If you’d like to join us, email

Who we are


Molly is a lifelong runner who has competed at distances from sprints to ultra marathons. Her primary focus is the marathon, though she will pretty much show up for anything with a finish line. A student of the sport in every sense, Molly is dedicated to learning the science and craft of running through a two-pronged approach of reading all the books and running all the miles. She is a Boston qualifier, an RRCA and USATF certified running coach, certified personal trainer, and ACE exercise nutrition specialist. 


  • Unlimited access to a two-coach team, Molly and Matt
  • Fully tailored program based on you, your goals, and your needs
  • Discounted Bakline gear and a starter kit that includes a singlet, hat, and lacrosse ball
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Run Coaching

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