Racing. Training. Advancing.

Elite racing tops

Designing for top performance

This collection was designed with two imperatives: a better performing top, and a better performing you.

Most brands do not make the tops they make elite athletes available for general sale. We do. Worn by several elite racing teams, in elite fields at over a dozen races, major marathons, and a 4th place finish at the 2023 Wold Championship marathon, our elite tops have been thoroughly tested.

Get out there. Race. Train. Advance yourself.

Straight Cut

McCarren Elite Singlet

Unlock the next level. Don't be held back by your top, and reach the speed you want with the lightest top you'll ever own.

Contourted Cut

McCarren Elite Singlet

The lightest full size singlet you'll ever own, giving you every bit of help to reach your goal.

Contourted Cut

Riverside V3

You won't even remember you're wearing it. Designed to go over your sports bra so that you can be the most comfortable on race day.