We know that buying products online can be a challenge because you can't see, touch or try on the clothes. Bakline wants to ensure you feel comfortable by providing lot of information about how our products fit and by offering a simple return and exchange policy! For more on that - take a look at our help center FAQs.


To help you pick the right size, each product page has a size chart, fit guidance and recommendation technology. Just put in some basic information and we'll help you determine which size may be best! 


Each of our products are categorized into three sizing categories: Women's, Unisex, Men's. You can tell what category a product is because it is the last word of the product title.

Following a short description of each, you'll find a nifty matrix comparing all of our products and their relative sizing based non how the product feels, as opposed to how it's measured. Different fabrics can feel tighter/looser even if the same dimensions. If you have any questions at all, just contact us.

Women: A product classed as a women's product is specifically tailored for a women's body. We make every effort to ensure that our products run as close to a "true to size" women's size and have noted any deviation in that to the table below.

Unisex: A product classed as a unisex product is one we feel is tailored in a way that would be flattering on both men and women alike. For male customers, these products might best be described as a "tailored" though not "slim" fit. Someone with a larger muscular build may want to size up based on personal preference. For female customers, these products should be aligned to your "true to size" unisex size.

Men: A product classed as a men's product is better suited for a typical male body frame and sizing. It is not as tailored as a unisex product though that doesn't mean that females couldn't love it! For male customers, this generally means your true to size would be appropriate or you may size down based on personal preference. For female customers, we would recommend sizing down one or two sizes in comparison to your usual "true to size" unisex size preference. 
Bakline Sizing Chart