Speak with Actions

Investing in our community is more important than ever. We live in a world of severe and significant strife for many. While sport is a form of freedom of movement and freedom from fear, we recognize that these freedoms are nowhere near as universal as they should be.

Bakline has always been committed to the many communities within which we operate but commitment must come from direct action, not just performative crumbs from the very top of sales, but something consistent and meaningful. The Bakline Community Fund was born out of that desire to speak with action and not empty words. 

What is the community fund? 

It's pretty simple. Every month, Bakline will take 10% of all online retail sales (yes sales, and not just a percentage of profits) and set that aside to be disbursed at the end of each month to a very small handful of partners. Each month the partners will change and it will give us an opportunity to focus our efforts on where they are needed most. 

The program officially started in July 2020. 


It's important that there's transparency in our efforts. We appreciate that you may make a purchase with Bakline on the understanding that a portion of your order is getting donated. And you need to have faith that we're not letting you or these organizations down. We will keep updating this page with relevant information about our partner organizations and how much we've donated.