No Cure with Rich Tu

Bakline fans, meet Rich Tu.

Rich Tu for Bakline

Rich Tu meets Bakline.

No Cure for Rugby

One of our latest tees (and favorites) is a collaboration with New York designer and illustrator Rich Tu. No Cure For Rugby has been on our minds for a while, and it took some time to figure out the finished look. Bakline’s Rob Schnabel and Rich worked together to sketch out the core of what the concept means to fans and players alike.

The love/hate relationship that our spirit and bodies have with the game has no end. We get pulled into the game despite the knocks and cuts, and it never lets go. We love it that much.

Rich added his signature illustrative style and typographic hand to complete the design and made it a truly one-of-a-kind piece for Bakline fans. The shirt made its debut in a Kareem Black photo shoot with designer and streetwear demi-goddess Samii Ryan.

Check it out here for a limited pressing of the tee.

To learn more about Rich’s work, check him out here!

Photos by Kareem Black

Samii Ryan and Rob Schnabel