The Future is Female Coaches - Janeil Mason

The Future is Female Coaches - Janeil Mason

In this series we talk to female coaches and leaders across a variety of aspects and disciplines within the running and fitness space about their experiences and insights as coaches, leaders, and game-changers.This week we’ve interviewed Janeil Mason, M.A., personal trainer and creator of Fit & Lit, a unique dance workout that combines elements of HIIT, strength, and cardio with great music. Janeil's work brings together her 20 years of dance experience and her expertise in exercise physiology. But more importantly, Janeil's classes express her passion for creating fun and engaging workout experiences that offer the opportunity to build a life-long commitment to fitness and health.
Mental Toughness with Jenn Salomon

Mental Toughness with Jenn Salomon

"Something valuable to learn from Jenn is that having a big personality with a dream doesn’t translate into immediate success—we have to train daily for the things we want."

No Cure with Rich Tu

Bakline fans, meet Rich Tu. Rich Tu meets Bakline. One of our latest tees (and favorites) is a collaboration with New York designer and illustrator Rich Tu. No Cure For Rugby has been on our minds for a while, and it … Continue reading →

Lube Wrestling Party for the Lions!

5th Annual Leonas Lube Wrestling & 2015 Calendar Release Party Facebook Event: Tickets: Calendar Purchase: The Village Lions Rugby Football Club present our 5th annual Lube Wrestling Tournament & Official 2015 Calendar Release Party on Friday, November 14th. Cheer on your favorite … Continue reading →

Future Deluxe & Philip Haynes RWC Collab

Just celebrating a fun and highly structured campaign of sophisticated rugby photography ahead of next year’s Rugby World Cup. More from Future Deluxe and photographer Philip Haynes. Respect all. Fear none.  

The Tall Blacks HAKA.

If it’s not rugby that helps expose rugby and the haka culture to America, then maybe basketball will. Because if you’ve heard of rugby, there’s a good chance you know the haka. Seeing so many people bewildered or entertained by … Continue reading →

When American rugby transformed into Gridiron

How gridiron possibly came about. When Teddy Roosevelt was playing rugby in the 1870s and NOT gridiron at Harvard the history books have a go that it was Teddy who forced the sports governing bodies to adopt new rules that … Continue reading →

Rugged Grace

Today’s uplifting body image news comes straight from Harvard University, where the women’s rugby team stripped down to teach us all a lesson in acceptance. The lettering echoes what the teammates feel about each other as it reinforces not just … Continue reading →

Choose rugby!

We object to the “For Girls” part, but this ad never gets old.

Go America!

Go England! Oh wait, America… is that you?

Soccer/Football World Cup Ads

This fantastic ad is making the rounds for the 2014 Soccer World Cup in Brasil, courtesy of McDonalds. It’s a Superbowl worthy ad that disregards food and takes the fun, the young, the old, the exciting, the sexy and mischievous … Continue reading →

The 2014 Brooklyn Half

Two weekends ago we endured a 13.1 mile race to meet the challenge, test our bodies and lay the ground work for bigger and longer races to come. On our Brooklyn turf during a PERFECT spring day, Bakline co-founders Rob … Continue reading →