Love and hate, Rest in Peace

It wasn’t long ago that fashion enthusiasts and rugby enthusiasts collided over a brand Ralph Lauren tried to capitalize on. Did it falter because a US Judge rejected Ralph Lauren’s trademark attempts on “Rugby” or did it falter for another reason all together? Some say it closed because not enough Americans knew the cultural association a preppy brand of apparel would have with a game like rugby. Others say it was because the global growth was hindered because outside of the US, a rugby brand like this did not epitomize the ethos of the sport and those who admired it.

Whatever the outcome, we actually admired the sense and sensibility of Ralph Lauren’s Rugby brand (let’s forget for a moment that their greedy corporate office was trying to monopolize the name)  - but the brand took root in the traditions, both academic with rough edges and gave it a tailored look. It wasn’t the company’s intentions to partner with rugby clubs in the USA at a grass roots level but it still gave a broader audience a stylish insight of rugby. An Abercrombie on ‘roids if you will.

There could be more said about this brand and it’s effect on the US market, but we’d love to hear from you and your opinions regarding this short term venture into our familiar territory.