The ARC comes to NYC!

Alternative Rugby Commentary

Months ago we had a chat with Jed Thian about his idea to bring the Alternative Rugby Commentary here to New York City! If you haven’t heard of Jed yet, visit one of our favorite promotions here and you’ll see what we mean. We had in fact, plugged The ARC not long before. Remember this entry?

But alas! Jed is packing his bags for NYC and will broadcast live commentary of the Rugby Championship match between New Zealand and Argentina here at the The Australian. If you’ve ever thought about going to the pub to watch a live match, this would be your chance since it takes place with no delay, at 7PM (19:00 for you ex pats ;) )and will be highly entertaining as Jed gives his humourous and insightful commentary. Plus, ARC and Bakline prizes will be raffled and given away for contest winners who show up and take part.

Alternative Rugby Commentary – Rugby For Americans from Fraser Davidson on Vimeo.

Not a rugby evening to be missed right here in our own city!