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      BakBlog — photography

      Tierney Wolfgram - Taking the Long View

      Tierney Wolfgram - Taking the Long View
      At the Olympic Trials on February 29th, sixteen year-old Tierney Wolfgram ran shoulder-to-shoulder with the top American women--many of them twice her age. We caught up with Tierney to find out what it's been like to make the switch from high school cross country practice to training for the Olympic Trials.

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      Tyron Louw: Photographer

      Browsing the interwebs for ideas, inspiration or entertainment each day we sometimes come across something that makes us stop in our tracks and simply enjoy. Enter Tyron Louw’s collection of sports photography. He has plenty of pics of rugby and … Continue reading

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      Calendário da Seleção Brasileira Feminina de Rugby

      Seems everyone wants or has made a calendar that continues the trend of showing off the sculpted bodies of rugby athletes. Enjoy the shots from the Brasilian calendar. Rugby is indeed beautiful. Fairly safe for work. Photography by Marco Maia.

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      If Rugby were an Ocean.

      These stunning pictures are captured and designed by Alessandro Puccinelli - scrolling through them, we couldn’t help but imagine what a large scale print of each would look like in a gallery. And secondly, our imagination ran wild and we thought: this … Continue reading

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