Ed Brydon. Rugger. Scientist. Photographer.

Edward hails from the U.K. where apparently this sport called rugby is a pretty big deal. What neither the U.K. or America realized is that Edward’s photography is a big deal. Insightfully gorgeous, actually.

Ed is a proud resident of Brooklyn, a research scientist, a rugger, a father and long standing member of the New York Rugby Club. His work has been published and featured in places such as Pictory and RugbyMag.com

We’re naturally drawn into Ed’s rugby work because he does not capture the highlights and heroics of one player but the moment they and their team live in. As evidenced in his shot of Carrie White booting the ball for the NYRC womens 7s victory on Randalls Island in NYC.

Carrie White drop kick, © Ed Brydon

The godly light that fills the shot and crystalizes the environment is a capture not often scene by the naked eye. It’s a feeling we have as players and fans of this great game and that’s why Ed’s photography is so good. It makes us feel something and that’s what separates his work from the rest. Take a moment to check out his blog and collection of photographs from his portfolio.

Trevor Cassidy scores for NYRC

Kyle Granby break for NYRC

Edward has this to say about his work:

Photography for me is a passion, and it generally reflects the other passions in my life; science, medicine, health, the environment and rugby. I see it as a powerful way to tell stories and communicate ideas or concepts, to make you think about things. I think that is what the best documentaries and artists do and that is what I am working towards with my photography. It has become a very serious pursuit for me and has replaced the time I spent training for and playing rugby when I was younger and fitter.

Be sure to check Ed out!