Sinful Summer Guide

Summer has crept up and slammed us in the face when we weren’t looking. So it’s time to risk the sun sin bin and strike back.

Hotter weather brings out hotter colors. Perfect timing for a sun-stroked yellow tee paired with the military pant turned shorts, classically altered by the Ecko crew. Pockets or no pockets, laces or no laces, the subtle olive and khaki colors helps strengthen your shirt and accessories (like a Bakline flatbill?)

Give it a go. The look just might hypnotize you.

Sin Bin Style Guide

1. Bakline Sin Bin
2. Converse John Varvatos Sprint Grip
3. Bakline flatbill (coming soon)
4. G Shock Master of G Series (G9200ER-3)
5. Ecko Untld. Camoriffic Short