Just another relay with Mile High Run Club at Tracktown USA

Mile High Run Club 8X400 Meter Relay Team at Tracktown USA

    We're not entirely sure the New York running community is aware of how comprehensively awesome it is - simply because there's so much to know about. At the very least, it's worth the occasional pause to consider major assets to the community with the presence of organisations like the Mile High Run Club, inspiring coaches like Vinnie Miliano, Stephanie Creaturo and Chris Forti, and running clubs of all skill sets, speeds and sizes like the Lost Boys Track Club, the Dashing Whippets and MRHC's own team, to name a few. The list of resources is endless and makes the city an oasis of opportunity for any type of runner who finds their way here either as a permanent abode or a temporary guest.

    Importantly, New York City has the infrastructure to host major events like Tracktown USA's Summer Series, bringing with it the professional and elite athletes that inspire you to be better to just an arm's length away. Oh, and let's also not forget a special appearance by The Freeze himself, the new running superhero on the block.  

    These types of evenings, alongside the heavily numerous though far less "extraordinary" events, allow many of these elements to come together in one place. We are humbled to have had the ability to come into contact with every one of the resources we listed above in a direct and substantive way as part of our participation in MRCH's 8X400M relay team over a mere 4 hour period. 

    This isn't because we're a member of some exclusive club, but because this is the caliber of individuals that is available for you to engage with on a regular basis should you want to be a part of the community. All the community asks in return is that you simply show up. 

    We took a few photos during the night to chronicle some of these interactions in the name of sincere gratitude to those that made the evening what it was; just another relay with the Mile High Run Club at Tracktown USA.

    (Photos may take a few seconds to load).



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    Matt VosBurgh
    Matt VosBurgh