The Haitian Rebuild Campaign

We, the founders and suppliers of Bakline Rugby, students of New York University and students across the Nation, are offering you a chance to actively participate in the rebuilding of Haiti by purchasing a limited Help Rebuild Haiti tee. Despite the recent earthquake and destruction in Chile, our efforts are still greatly needed with the people of Haiti who still need all the help from volunteers and people like yourself. To learn more, please visit our page dedicated to the initiative.

And thank you.

If you’re curious about the shirt design, it’s nothing more than a devastated Coat of Arms found in the center of the Haitian flag. Before the earthquake, Haiti’s rich history and pride was proudly displayed with this symbol. To remind our audience of what Haiti needs help most in doing is picking themselves and their country up piece by piece before they can return to stability and progress after the devastation.

Haiti Coat of Arms

Help Rebuild Haiti Tee

At the heart, our campaign is far more than a donation; it is a grassroots relief effort to bring both awareness and a solution to the unrecognized need of personal hygiene in the wake of tragedy. Our campaign is inspired by a survivor of Hurricane Katrina who shared her story of feeling revitalized in finding new hope after having the ability to shower, brush her teeth and put on clean clothes for the first time after the devastation. It is a feeling we take for granted. Join us in sharing that feeling of renewal with thousands of Haitian earthquake survivors.

Here’s How it Works:
When you purchase a Rebuild Haiti Shirt, your proceeds will create a relief package that consists of a new shirt and a personal hygiene package containing shampoo, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer and anti-perspirant for a survivor in Haiti.  Every penny above the cost for materials will be put toward additional hygiene packages so that you know your money is put to the best possible use. Also, we encourage you to write a personalized letter of hope that will be inserted with the package.

You have until April 26th to purchase a shirt. At that time Bakline will ship your order, and volunteers at NYU will prepare your relief package for donation to the Bedford Haitian Community Center in Brooklyn, New York who will send your contribution to those in Haiti. You will not just be sending toiletries, but a feeling of revitalization for a survivor of Haiti’s most deadly earthquake. Ultimately, our campaign is about helping Haitians rebuild themselves before they rebuild their country.

Purchase Help Rebuild Haiti Tee

From all of us at Bakline,

Thank you.