Sam Gordon, forget football. Rugby is the answer.

A call to arms: Women of rugby unite!

Sam Gordon, congratulations on your recent accolades. You have possession of a talent that many don’t see till years later at this stage in their lives. You shred through defenses, reading them like books and creating winning opportunities for your team. You obviously love the game and that shows. Enjoy it while you can.

Sadly, there is a glass ceiling you’re about to reach. There is no future for female abilities like yours in football.

However, there is a future in rugby for you! Women across the globe share the same passion for the egg-shaped ball – scoring touchdowns tries and shredding defenses when they can. With the right support from your friends, family and coaches you can take up a game that will allow you to continue the fun, passion and thrill of the contact game in your adult life. Women rugby in the Olympics, think about it!

As an athlete you can continue to entertain us, inspire us and create future generations of rugby fans and Eagles! Lady Eagles, support this talent and give her the opportunity to continue to shine!