What’s next for the Mercenary?

Bakline Mercenaries

The 2012 New York Sevens Rugby Tournament saw the debut of our Mercenary team. A group of dedicated players who represented countries such as America, South Africa, Italy, Zimbabwe, Senegal and France. These young men shared more than a desire to win together: they shared a brotherhood. The team managed to win the Bowl in the Premier division which is still commendable given the team never had more than a few runs together as a unit. The Mercenaries started with tough losses but gradually got better and won over tough and formidable opponents like the Kenya Exiles and New York Rugby Club. Overall, we are very proud of their showing on a cold and windy Randall’s Island. Until next time, the Mercenaries will go back to work with their respective clubs and hopefully have a great 2013 rugby year!

The squad:

Alessio Mereghetti
Anda Mpofu
Justin Haworth
Brian Viriri
Brandon Solomon
Stefano Montanelli
Willie Dominguez
Jordan Torres
Kyle Granby
Maurice Diong
Saad Cecil
Kevin MDD (c)

Coach: Junior Blaber
Asst. Manager: Chris Delomos

Bakline Mercenaries