Helping to Rebuild Haiti: Update

Haiti Bakline tee

It wasn’t long ago and among a growing list of devastating earthquakes around the world, Haiti suffered a major one that rattled the towns and spirits of the people. We jumped in with many others of this country to help. Our campaign was designed to deliver not money, but care packages that included toiletries for those without any. It’s a great feeling to have fresh soap and toothpaste and the victims in Haiti benefitted from the American rugby community who purchased our exclusive ‘Rebuild Haiti’ tee. Pictured here is Mickenson, a young boy who just turned 16 with a 4th grade education. He, like many who could benefit from International aid enjoys his tee because unlike other apparel, ours embodies national pride with it’s colors and design.

Our liaison in Haiti writes: “This is Mickenson here at our Kompound in Cyvadier. He just turned 16 on the 8th and he is one of my favorites in our program.  I can literally describe in detail the 4 pieces of wardrobe he owns. His dad’s out of the picture and his mother stopped caring for him or rather caring about him a long time ago but despite all that he is a sweet shy kid and he’s street smart and really helps drive our reforestation initiatives – which is led by our youth program because he knows it will bring about a brighter Haiti. As a member of our program I was able to find him a sponsor and we got him back into school this year. He’s in the 4th grade and can barely read but we working with him on that…  I know his future is bright and I think he’s starting believe it too! Look at this kid’s smile priceless!”

Here’s a post from our original campaign.