Cardiff Rugby Business Network

(Above) Welsh paralympian David Roberts, rugby internationals and brothers Steve and Andy Moore, RBN’s Iain Richards, and Bakline co founder Matt VosBurgh

On Wednesday 20th of February, the first Cardiff Rugby Business Network took place. The event attracted a host of big names and businesses from around the Cardiff area. Brothers and former Wales international rugby players Andy and Steve Moore were present along with the legendary Welsh paralympian, David Roberts.

Andy kicked off the night with a talk about his company, Athlete Career Transition, co-founded with his brother Steve. He discussed the problems athletes face when leaving their respected sports. Following many years of strict routine, athletes are often disorientated and alone when they eventually retire, ACT looks to utilise the natural attributes of all athletes to place them in a working environment.

An amazing example of the process ACT provides is 11 time gold paralympian, David Roberts. David had one of the most fascinating story’s to tell I have ever heard. His road from child to paralympian champion was inspiring to listen to. A series of broken legs and run ins with too many Australians in Olympic swimming pools, provided both gasps and laughs. Following his talk David passed three of his gold medals and the Olympic torch, to the delight of the attendees.

With support from established Cardiff organisations such as Cardiff & Co and the Welsh Assembly Government, and numerous people in the hospitality and events industry, the event proved a fantastic start to launching The Rugby Business Network in Cardiff and special thanks should go out to wine sponsor, Matt Vosburgh of Bakline Rugby, New York City, Roger Pride of Cardiff & Co and Helen Groom of our host venue The Maldron Hotel, for providing such great facilities and exceptionally helpful staff throughout the course of the day.

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Article by: Iain Richards