Tyron Louw: Photographer

Browsing the interwebs for ideas, inspiration or entertainment each day we sometimes come across something that makes us stop in our tracks and simply enjoy. Enter Tyron Louw’s collection of sports photography. He has plenty of pics of rugby and … Continue reading →

Cardiff Rugby Business Network

(Above) Welsh paralympian David Roberts, rugby internationals and brothers Steve and Andy Moore, RBN’s Iain Richards, and Bakline co founder Matt VosBurgh On Wednesday 20th of February, the first Cardiff Rugby Business Network took place. The event attracted a host … Continue reading →

One of our favorites…

About ten years ago Men’s Journal ran a campaign titled “Live the Interesting Life” with visually driven ads that wonderfully portrayed that life without portraying a particular man or what he looks like. You got the sense that by just … Continue reading →

Rugby Costumes!

Rugby is a game chock-full of traditions! We started highlighting some of them in our previous post, i.e. handshakes, songs, bus trips, etc. One of our favorite, fashionable traditions is the creative use of costume for rugby fans! Here are … Continue reading →

Rugby Traditions

We can all agree that rugby is an amazing sport. The hits, the breaks, the team set-up tries  and epic struggle between domestic leagues and continental struggles amongst nations. But why do you love it? Let’s talk about the things … Continue reading →

Helping to Rebuild Haiti: Update

It wasn’t long ago and among a growing list of devastating earthquakes around the world, Haiti suffered a major one that rattled the towns and spirits of the people. We jumped in with many others of this country to help. … Continue reading →

What’s next for the Mercenary?

The 2012 New York Sevens Rugby Tournament saw the debut of our Mercenary team. A group of dedicated players who represented countries such as America, South Africa, Italy, Zimbabwe, Senegal and France. These young men shared more than a desire … Continue reading →

2013 Look Book comes to life!

We’re proud to release our new collection of tees and accessories for 2013. As we look back on 2012, our new collection of gear comes courtesy of feedback from our fans, rugby players and overseas support that continues to encourage … Continue reading →

Sam Gordon, forget football. Rugby is the answer.

A call to arms: Women of rugby unite! Sam Gordon, congratulations on your recent accolades. You have possession of a talent that many don’t see till years later at this stage in their lives. You shred through defenses, reading them … Continue reading →

It’s not just rugby

Wouldn’t you want to live in place where rugby is so prevalent that it becomes a marketing idea to help divert your passionate attention? Of course, this is from New Zealand last year but there are other places that this … Continue reading →

Lions Tour: Australia teaser

Who is getting pumped for this match up? !!!! Check the site here.  

Bakline Mercenaries to debut at NY Sevens

Rugby can be an unforgiving sport in this country. We have a changing of the guard. Old traditions and perceptions of the game along with it’s aging player base is slowly eroding on the sides as a new breed of … Continue reading →