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Head of Account management and daily operations

High level goal: Bakline is looking to hire a key individual to our team to manage accounts and daily operations. This would include having a understanding of the full suite of clients we support (i.e., retailers, run clubs), where they are in the lifecycle and to maintain those relationships. The position will also manage production operations at Bakline HQ including customer service, and order fulfillment.

The ideal candidate would be interested in taking part and potentially leading our in-house screen printing operation (On the job training would be provided, but you have to be interested in this part, good with your hands, and very strong attention to detail/quality control.) 

The position would entail about 40-45 hours of work/week (this is flexible, see last question on time and pay expectations), which may vary depending on the skills, availability, and experience the right candidate. This is an in-person position at Bakline HQ in Gowanus, Brooklyn (117 9th St, Brooklyn, 11215). Occasional work from home days (when in-person fulfillment and product needs are limited) are possible.

At a high level, we need an outgoing and sociable person, with experience in client/account management, a deep interest in the running and fitness space and keen attention to detail and operational workflows.

About Bakline: Bakline is committed to the idea that being fast is a mindset demonstrated through a dedication to improve. Our performance products and services are consciously and thoughtfully designed with this in mind. Dedicated athletes come in all sizes, focus on different events and are in different stages of their development. But no matter who you are, fast is an idea that belongs to us all. 

Bakline's products and services have been developed through intense testing to ensure they are functional and comfortable for all types of training and racing environments. Whether it's the fabric, cut, sizing, design, or cost, running apparel has the power to make running more accessible. Well designed apparel can provide a sense of belonging whether it carries your team colors or because it acknowledges that we're not all built the same way. Clothing is often an extension and expression of who are are, and Bakline is inspired by all that you aspire to be. 

Key Role Tasks: 

  • Account Management: Bakline has two primary revenue segments: Core Bakline (Direct to consumer sales) and Bakline Custom which breaks down into two segments, comprised of running clubs and retailers. The account management component of the role will be to manage the Bakline Custom relationships and to ensure that we are meeting their needs, both during a specific product and in soliciting for additional business with their organization. Experience in account management is essential.
  • Daily Operations: This component of the role is comprised of fulfilling orders, managing customer service tickets, and contributing to or managing in-house screen printing production.  
  • Engage with the local community: Bakline is growing fast and we have a lot of amazing services to offer clubs and individuals. This component of the role is an extension of the account management element and ensures we are visible in our environment. It is essential that we provide an inclusive space in our web and physical presence, attend events, and host some ourselves (such as the Hop to Hops Race Series). So much of this role is just meeting with and talking to people! You will quite literally be the face of Bakline. And if the time comes when those clubs need a kit provider, you can be there to help them understand how we can help them in that endeavour. 

Key Skillsets

  • Detail Oriented: This role will include a good deal of data from clients to products, geographies, and details on what each client needs. It requires understanding our production process inside and out to help clients understand what they can expect. 
  • Screen Printing: Prior experience in the arts, design, or working with your hands will be necessary to both understand and take part in the in-house production. While we don't necessarily expect you to have dedicated experience in screen printing, we do expect to be able to teach you how to screen print. The more experience you do have, however, the better.
  • Demonstrated comfort with operational workflows: There can be many steps to a process to ensure that an order is appropriately processed or that a client is successfully won. Comfort with operational steps, looking for ways to improve processes will be essential for a successful candidate. 
  • Comfortable with navigating discussions of design: Many of our customers will be communicating what they want but some will need help. This role will be one of the primary individuals to work with Bakline's in-house design team and specificity of language and attention to detail is essential to avoid mis-communicating what a client needs or wants. 
  • Tech Savvy: We have a number of systems to make our process as lean as possible. This includes Shopify (primary ecommerce platform), NetSuite (inventory and financial management), and Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite (our primary design tools), Hub Spot (Customer service), and ShipStation (shipping orders and return labels). Sometimes we just need to "figure it out" when dealing with something new. 

Additional Administrative Information: The role is for employment. It is not as an independent contractor. We have a payroll system that you would be onboarded to and taxes would be deducted appropriately. It does not come with medical benefits, though we are able to offer access to medical benefits through our Payroll provider, the price of which is not set or determined by Bakline. 

Salary and Benefits: 70-85K USD annual salary. We can work with you to provide medical benefits at market or a partially subsidized rate. We can also facilitate a 401K although Bakline does not match or contribute to 401K plans at the present time.