Adventures in Advertising Part III

It’s very interesting to see how international brands interpret rugby. Here we have three distinct products. Delivery/Courier services. Alcohol and Transportation. While we get the idea that DHL is involved in sponsoring the sport (and they do in many countries), their ad here is more fun for the idea of what rugby is like and not so for their product. Would you want DHL treating your package like this, even in the name of good fun for sport? Very Ace Ventura.

Guinness is classic. Always been a stalwart in the rugby community and has become synonymous with the sport. Clever and clear, this following is one of many that has won Guinness’s brand leaders awards for their work.

Finally, Virgin Atlantic gets in on the action. Their puns are cheesy and the truth actually falls on the fact that the Kenyan Rugby Sevens team is really a very exciting team to watch. Seeing them beat New Zealand in Vegas for the IRB 7s last year is a true testament to that notion.


DHL Rugby

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Guinness Rugby

Advertising Agency: The Marketing Store Worldwide
Creative Director: Billy Plummer
Art Director: Tom Hoskins
Photographer: Toby Borrows
Published: August 2007

Virgin Atlantic Rugby


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