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      Growing (Top 5 Run Club) Running Communities Through Sponsorship

      Growing (Top 5 Run Club) Running Communities Through Sponsorship

      Growing communities requires not just talking about or hash tagging them but actively contributing toward their success. By physically being present to support each other. On August 12th, we sponsored the prizes for the top men and women for an organisation's first 5K, the Top 5K Run Club. And we know that we can only grow the Bakline community when we are an active and genuine part of the running community.

      When Bakline launched its running line in July, we had several early adopters of what was effectively the new kid on the block, at least in the NYC running scene. We were humbled by the immediate support of the team and supporters of the Top 5 Run Club. They have been there for us time and time again. So when they asked us to sponsor their first 5K, we immediately jumped on board because we know a thing or two about being the new kids on the block. And in order to grow the your community, it requires hard work, a lot of passion and, where possible, a bit of sponsorship from the broader community. 

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