Closing Out the Year (In the cold and on the WillyB)

Closing Out the Year (In the cold and on the WillyB)

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Almost six months ago, I was in the same spot. At the base of the Williamsburg Bridge, in inclement weather, snapping photos of runners racing through the streets. I've been photographing TTB races for the last couple years. Tonight, though, had a different vibe. It was a smaller and more intimate crowd. Registration was in person. I knew most of the people at the starting line. In approaching one friend, pictured in the feature image of those post, I asked "are you running tonight?" She replied that she was happy I asked her if she was simply running and not "racing."

That seemed to be the spirit of the evening. In the few I spoke to ahead of the start, the focus appeared to be more on just being present and less on the race in any traditional sense. There are certainly times to be competitive in absolute terms. And it is equally true that there were plenty of fast individuals tonight, vying for the win. But, with the smaller and more spread out field, the chilly air, and likely the final race of their 2019 season, it was great to see everyone racing for themselves. 

A hearty congratulations to all the runners tonight who showed up and finished the year strong. A very happy new years to you all. 

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