Outsourcing and the politics of America

It has been making the rounds. The talk of the town for some and mere conversational fodder for others. America outsourcing merchandise to the Chinese! Gasp!

This topic has been quoted and discussed a few times since it was revealed that America’s Olympic best will be wearing Ralph Lauren uniforms manufactured in China. Why is it now that politicians want to make a stink about it? (maybe because the beret is a little too French)

Well, for one – our athletes are our best representatives on the world stage. They represent everything we strive for. Excellence. Sportsmanship. Discipline.

Their outfits should represent the best of our textile industry too, right? But what some should remember is the American way has been guided by the overnight ethics of capitalism. You fall asleep and workers in factories across the oceans are assembling our clothes, iPods, cars, furniture and track shoes.

Apple makes it obvious that their products are designed in California. But built in China or otherwise. And there lies the point. America’s best strength has been in designing and innovating the products much of the world enjoys. Our bottom line has driven many jobs overseas and certainly has put many Americans out of work, but as a Nation (dare we say it) have no one else to blame but ourselves. Mitt Romney was in the news recently for a very similar topic. His of course, involving human rights violators who manufactured goods on his company’s behalf.

Should we in this special circumstance be sure that our best athletes only support the best of America? You bet. Should we make our own textile industries responsible? Surely. Will it be cheaper than outsourcing… probably not. And since the USA Olympic organization is not funded by your tax dollars, it will act on it’s own accord. (the American way) No one should forget how many other countries along side America get their goods made in locals outside of their own. And certainly our political leaders should reflect on the foreign made luxury cars, suits, technology and communications industry they use while representing our best interests.

We wish there was a world where we could make our own stuff, but those days seem far off now. In the meantime, we’re wondering what the Spaniards are thinking with their official outfit….