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Boston 101: A different kind of group training

The Boston course is storied and known for its high degree of difficulty. Conquering Boston demands more than just hill repeats and pace miles. It is a technical course that rewards preparation and strategy, and where the difference between running a smart race and just being fit can be minutes or miles.

There is huge value in learning from experienced runners and having a community to engage with as you work toward your Boston goals. But we know that traditional group training isn't always the best fit, given schedules, individual training needs, or simply a lack of other runners in your community training for Boston.

Bakline's Boston Curriculum came out of the belief that preparing athletes means more than assigning workouts and checking splits. We have crafted a unique forum to prepare, support, and educate athletes on their road to Boston. With this six part substantive educational series we hope to bring athletes together in a different but interactive way to share up-to-date science on performance and nutrition along with tested experience on the demands of the Boston course.

You can take what you've learned and apply it in ways that are compatible with your training for the eastward push from Main St. to Boylston St.

The 2023 Boston Curriculum - Bakline

The 2023 Boston Curriculum

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The Courses

The curriculum is made up of six virtual sessions, the last one is a course strategy session which will be open to the public.

  • Feb 1: Introduction to Boston, and intermediate/advanced marathon training principles
  • Feb 15: The Need for Speed
  • March 1: Knowing thy Strength
  • March 15: Don't Let Hills break Your Heart
  • March 29: Fueling Strategy and Travel
  • April 12: Boston Course Strategy

Details on each session are provided below.

Every other wednesday night at 7:30 PM Eastern

The Course Curriculum

Introduction and marathon training principles

Marathon training often focuses on marathon and threshold paces and workouts. This session will challenge that standard. We'll discuss important principles of endurance training, and why the traditional focus on "long slow distance" may be limiting. We'll look at the macro demands of Boston and provide thought on ways we can optimize your training cycle.

Part 6: April 12

Overall Boston Marathon Course Strategy

Boston is a race that rewards those who plan. This final and open session will give you a timeline of the full race weekend and a section by section overview of the course.

We'll be compiling all of the important race information into one session. We will recap elevation profiles, specific strategies for approaching the hills (those who pay for the full curriculum will have greater discussion and preparation on this topic), thoughts on where you may want friends and family stationed to cheer, and tips for dealing with finicky New England weather.

Most importantly, you'll be able to ask questions along the way on anything you'd like to know, and share your experience with others.

who are your trainers

Coach Molly

Molly is a lifelong runner who has competed at distances from sprints to ultra marathons. Her primary focus is the marathon (16x), though she will pretty much show up for anything with a finish line. A student of the sport in every sense, Molly is dedicated to learning the science and craft of running through a two-pronged approach of reading all the books and running all the miles. She is a Boston qualifier and finisher, an RRCA and USATF certified running coach, certified personal trainer, and ACE exercise nutrition specialist. 

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