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      America’s future rugby stars are all around us. They can be found from the fields of the midwest to our inner city streets. Some are just starting their dreams to become the next US Eagle. This next generation of America’s Eagles have an opportunity unlike any before to attend elite training camps both inside and outside of the United States! We partnered up with A Rugby Life and Rugby H2H to create and promote the Taking Flight Rugby Scholarship that aims to send promising rugby athletes to elite training camps around the world.

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      Founded in 1958, HOBY’s mission is to inspire and develop our global community of youth and volunteers to a life dedicated to leadership, service and innovation. HOBY (Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership) programs are conducted annually throughout the United States, serving local and international high school students.
      This past year, Bakline worked with HOBY officials and designed the tees that students, volunteers, and ambassadors wore during a weekend seminar in New York. Bright colors helped distinguished the roles each member played, and tees were emblazoned with the words that HOBY attendees live by: Empower. Lead. Excel. Read more here.

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      HELPING TO REBUILD HAITI: Annou ede rekonstwi Haiti

      We designed tees that depicted the Haitian flag to help rebuild a country devastated by an earthquake. At heart, our campaign was far more than a donation; it was a grassroots relief effort to bring both awareness and solutions to the often-unrecognized need of personal hygiene in the wake of tragedy. Our campaign was inspired by a survivor of Hurricane Katrina who shared her story of feeling revitalized in finding new hope in the ability to shower, brush her teeth, and put on clean clothes for the first time after the devastation. It is a feeling that we take for granted. Proceeds from our tee went toward creating care packages that included toothpaste, brushes, deodorant, soap, and other essentials for those in need.

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      Remember Christchurch 22.2.11 

      In February 2011, a powerful earthquake ruptured the heart of rugby in the city center of Christchurch, New Zealand. Determined to help our rugger brothers and sisters, we designed a unique representation of the iconic silver fern. Like the design of our Haiti shirt, the iconic silver fern of New Zealand was scarred as a visual reminder that things were not the same and that help was needed--for those in need, for those rebuilding their lives, and for those finding hope in preparations for the Rugby World Cup later in the year. We are deeply thankful for those who made contributions. You can read more here.

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      Bakline partners with SKRUM 

      SKRUM, a charity based in the UK, aim to give the youth of Swaziland HOPE for the future and the freedom of CHOICE in their lives through social education and the opportunity to play the wonderful game of RUGBYWhy Swaziland, you ask? Swaziland recently surpassed Botswana as the country with the world’s highest known rate of HIV/AIDS infection--42% of the 958,000 population is affected. The average life expectancy is only 32 years, and 31% of all youth are orphaned or in vulnerable conditions. Bakline helped SKRUM's efforts by selling tickets at the New York Rugby Sevens Tournament to raffle off autographed jerseys for both USA and Canada teams. You can read more about the efforts here.