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      BakBlog — south brooklyn

      A Fundraiser Nothing Short of Super

      A Fundraiser Nothing Short of Super

      Cover photo is of Brooklyn's own Carly Gill (@carlysheree), accepting her award for being the first female finisher.

      Congratulations to everyone who ran the Superfund Super Run last night! What's the Superfund Super Run, you ask? A race organized by the South Brooklyn Running Club (SBRC) to benefit the Gowanus Park Conservancy, a grassroots nonprofit group devoted to cleaning up and developing the Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn's own Superfund monster. Runners enjoyed the epitome of a chill race--there was a start line, a checkpoint, and a finish line (literally inside the Pig Beach Bar), but the route you took from Greenpoint to Gowanus was entirely up to you. All you had to do was let the smells of ribs and burgers emanating from Pig Beach carry you down to the canal at Union Street. Props to SBRC, and congrats again for everyone who participated!

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